Geta Guy

Geta Guy

Sorry, I have no idea why this guy was out for a stroll in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district wearing these platform geta.web analytics

Ao no Domon Tunnel

Ao no Domon

Perhaps not much to look at, the Ao no Domon tunnel has an incredible story behind it. It was carved, single-handed, through a mountain by a monk trying to repent for his sins. The book, the Ronin, is based on the story of the man who made it.web analytics

Egg Vending Machine

Egg Vending Machine

I wonder how many chickens live in that machine.web analytics

Extreme Fishing

Safe Fishing

Introducing the popular new Japanese sport of “Extreme Fishing”. Don’t forget your helmet!web analytics

Aozora Karaoke

Aozora Karaoke

Sad owners of one of the Aozora (blue sky) outdoor karaoke shops in Tennoji park, just before being closed down by the police for disturbing the peace.
It was in a poor area of central Osaka where a lot of  blue collar workers live, and the park attracted older, down on their luck people, who gathered every day to relive the past by singing Enka (old fashioned Japanese crooning) at various outdoor karaoke shops.  There was something oddly fascinating about people who don’t realise that time has passed them by, and continued singing the old songs as though they are still at the top of the charts, still dressing the same way that they did 40 years ago.  There were some real characters in Tennoji Koen, people who loved being in front of a crowd, and had some real singing ability but you have to bite your lip when you watch them.web analytics

Jump Johnny Street Scam

Jump Johnny Street Scam

How to make some easy money in Japan: get a piece of invisible thread, an accomplice, and cut out a bunch of paper clowns. Go to some crowded public area, and set up by taping one end of the thread to something in your bag, and the middle part to the clown’s head. Then have your accomplice hold the other end of the string inside his bag. Now put on a show and make the clown dance. You’ll find hordes of gullible people who will pay a thousand yen a pop for your paper clowns.web analytics