Harajuku Cosplayer

Harajuku Slasher

The kids you see hanging out in front of Harajuku station in Tokyo every Sunday are famous for their outlandish fashion and extreme cuteness, but some of them have a real dark side. If you look at this girl’s left forearm, you’ll notice that it’s covered with razorblade cuts.

A few people have left comments sayingthey think that what’s on her arm is just writing, but I’m pretty sure it’s scar tissue. If you want to see the gory details, click it. There is some writing on the arm, but the Xs are not. It was even more vivid up close.

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  1. Amy
    Amy says:

    Not to be rude but ;

    Are you sure it’s razorblade cuts? Could also be that she has just written something on her arm? Espacially because it looks as if the writing goes on on her hand. And I don’t think anyone would be that open about being a cutter.

    Although when I was in the Czech Republik I had this waitress [?] at my hotel. She was such a lovely person. But at the last evening I spent there I saw her entire arm was full of cuts. It was a deeeeep shock and I still think about her every now and then. I hope she’s happy now. <3

  2. Savy
    Savy says:

    Those are definately not razorblade cuts.
    I have many friends that do that kind of stuff.. and that’s not cut marks.
    Probably pen or marker of some sort.. Maybe even a tattoo..?

  3. Inez
    Inez says:

    Somehow those cuts are not a surprise to me.It’s like it’s more acceptable for alternative people to show stress even if its not in a healthy way. I mean, I’ve never seen a preppy chick with cuts .The Japanese are known for being really pressured all the time anyways. I wonder with all that school and having to take exams just to get into high school how these kids even find time to go to the arcade or lallygag in the fashion district.
    I love her petticoat though.I have legwarmers almost exactly like hers!

  4. stsil
    stsil says:

    thats not cutting, thats branding. look at her hand. it starts out as a tattoo, works up her arm, and makes a pattern. branding is the “new tattoo”. google it. that looks nothing like cut marks.

  5. Esta
    Esta says:

    In every subculture, every country, there are people who cut. Or people who are depressed. I don’t see anything shocking or special about this.

    But her style is awesome <3

  6. patrica
    patrica says:

    you what i think that stsil is right that could really be that new tatto thing i dont think a cutter would be THAT open and if shes a cutter why is her outfit so happy. Arent people who dress happy suppose to be happy so why go against what shes trying to prove? TO me that wouldnt make any sense i can see why people would think its cuts but there are other altornetives

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