Japanese Inn

Old Japanese inn in the Arashiyama district of Kyoto. The stickers are called Senja fuda, which means “one thousand shrine card” and they are often put on the gates of both temples and shrines by visitors to leave a record of their visit.
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Sacred Penises

Sacred penises at the Awashima jinja in Wakayama. This shrine attracts many female visitors who come to pray
for safe childbirths, pregnancies, and cures for feminine troubles.web analytics

Disney Kimono

Walt Disney kimono collection. For only $6,000, you can own your own ‘Aladdin’ or
‘Snow White’ kimono.web analytics

Bonsai in Showa Kinen Koen

Bonsai plant in Showa Kinen Koen. Many of the plants in this lovely little bonsai garden are hundreds of years old and some are equisitely beautiful. There are also huge fields of flowers, a Japanese garden, and an incredible children’s playground. The children’s playground has giant, climbable dragon sculptures, rubber mountains for bouncing on, a water park, unicycle training area, and a “sea of mist”. The best time to see the flowers is late-April to early-May, but the park is enjoyable any time. It’s on the Chuo Line about 30 minutes from Shinjuku. Click here for the park’s website.web analytics


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Mosquito Coil Lady

Woman using a burning coil of anti-mosquito incense to keep the bugs
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Eating Takako

(Click on the photo to see a larger version)

A month or so ago, I received some Matsuzaka beef as a present, and was surprised to get this certificate of authenticity with our meat. Not only did the certificate have information about the cow (whose name was Takako, by the way), but it also had information on her ancestors, going back to her great-grandfather.

1. Cow registration
2. Inspector’s name: Fukumi Okano
3. Takako’s nose print
4. Takako; birthday: Aug. 2, 2005
5. Father: Shigefuku
6. Mother: Takateru: 79.5 kg
7. Grandfather: Anpei
Grandmother: Fukumi;
8. Grandfather: Takazakura
Grandmother: Teruko
9. Great-grandfather: Yasujuku
Great-grandmother: Fukushige
Great-grandfather: Takami
Great-grandmother: Itohiro IIweb analytics

No Makeup Sign

No Makeup Sign

Japanese trains are basically cattle cars, filled with falling-down drunk, tobacco-reeking salary men, gropers, people madly rushing for trains when there’s another one coming two minutes later, and selfish individuals that would refuse to give up their seat to a 90-year-old blind woman with one leg.
With that in mind, is this the best thing they can come up with for a manner poster? Isn’t this more towards the “pet peeve” end of the spectrum than an example of a dangerous behavior or something that inconveniences other passengers? This is clearly an aesthetic complaint, so maybe now they’ll listen to my idea for a poster telling people not to wear white socks with black pants and shoes.web analytics