Green Peas Pachinko Parlor

Last weekend I went on an outing with the Tokyo Cameras photography club. Our theme was “color” so I took this photo of Green Peas, a popular pachinko parlor in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo.web analytics

Kyudo Scorer

The Yasukuni Shrine is famous for its nationalistic war museum, war criminals enshrined as gods, and association with extreme right-wing militant groups. The good thing about all the controversy is that when they have a festival, it’s not usually so crowded, and you actually get to see something. This photo is of a scorer at the Kusajishi-Shiki Kyudo tournament, in which archers shoot at a target shaped like a deer. If you’re not too bothered by the shrine’s politics, it’s quite a good festival and very photogenic. It’s held on Sports and Health Day, the second Monday in October. The Yasukuni Shrine’s homepage is here.web analytics