Industrial Wasteland 2

Kawasaki’s industrial zone, built on man-made islands reclaimed from Tokyo bay, is actually surprisingly photogenic, and quite an interesting place to spend an afternoon in. I went there on an outing with the Tokyo Cameras photo club and really enjoyed it.

From Shinagawa station in Tokyo, take the JR Keihin Tohoku to Tsurumi Station. Change to the Tsurumi Line and get off at Ogimachi or Ookawa Station. It takes about 40 minutes, and costs 290 yen (be careful, because the Tsurumi Line runs infrequently, especially on weekends).web analytics

There’s another photo of the outing at:

Namahage Monster in Ginza

Namahage is a well-known festival in the northern prefecture of Akita. It’s held around New Year’s, and involves men dressed as monsters like the one in the photo bursting into people’s houses, scaring the children, and telling them to be good in the coming year.

This particular Namahage, however, was handing out flyers for an Akita cuisine restaurant on the Ginza.