Samurai Reenactors

Every year on November third, thousands of martial artists gather on the grounds of the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo to give demonstrations of their techniques. There’s karate, aikido, kyudo, and jujutsu, but also some very unusual arts such as yabusame (horseback archery), and nawa-jutsu (rope fighting). The day culminates with a demonstration of samurai firearms called hinawaju.
If you like photography, you’re sure to get some great shots of martial artists in action.

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  1. Shannon
    Shannon says:

    Your website is fantastic I may try to gather a few friends to check out this feastival my son would love it! It would be great if it was on a weekend rather than a Monday trains are not so thrilling with 2 small children in tow.

  2. mrjohnmulloy
    mrjohnmulloy says:


    I am a teacher in Michigan & we put together a Renaissance Fest every year. This years festival will be titled “Traveling the Silk Road”. We are looking for a Sumarai Group to help educated our students that Asia also had a reniassance.

    If anyone can point me to some Asian groups in Michigan i would appreciate it.

    Thank you for your assistance


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