Ayase River



The area of Tokyo where I live, Katsushika Ward, is kind of depressing sometimes. There are few trees, there’s no urban planning, and it’s just generally rundown pretty much everywhere. It’s not much fun to look at in real life, but sometimes it does make a nice picture.

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  1. Haf
    Haf says:

    This looks nice… on pictures. 🙂

    You are right, actually living at such a place is a totally different story.

    I once read that you’ve been for too long in Tokyo when you see a tree and think ‘Wow, a forrest’. 😉

  2. CAdorn
    CAdorn says:

    I also live in Katsushikaku, near Ayase station to be precise, but I prefer the Mizumotokoen park and the sorrounding areas. It’s not ll industrial and depressing.

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