Bizarre Photos from the Japanese Interwebs

Fuji-Q is bear habitat. There are bears everywhere. If you find one, defintely don’t try pro-wrestling moves on them. Do not tackle them.

Go die in Tokyo. The Beautiful Mt. Fuji Preservation Organization.
(The forests around Mt. Fuji are a popular suicide spot in Japan)

Casual part-time job! Work! No motivation necessary. No energy necessary. Looks not important. 900 yen plus per hour.

Encoding problems trouble shooting.
(The text is all garbled)

Walking sleeping bag. They say that “With one of these, even if you were chased by a bear in the middle of the night, you could stand up and escape.” Whether you could run fast enough is questionable, though.

No Titanics.

All members of the humanities department, the law department, the economics department, the science department, and the engineering department have passed, with the exception of the below numbered students: 00260. That is all.

All these photos come from

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