It’s Tough Being a Japanese Fire Fighter

I see these fire fighters jogging back and forth in front of their fire station almost every day. They run about 100 meters, up and back on this really narrow sidewalk, and I reckon they go back and forth about 50 times. If there’s a slow-moving senior citizen blocking the way, they have to hop the barrier and run onto the road. I guess they can only do it here because they’re not able to get very far from the fire station in case there’s an alarm, but you’d think there must be a better way. Can’t Bunkyo-Ward spring for a running machine for these guys?

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  1. Jean
    Jean says:

    Wow it’s a bit tough to keep them “in line” by jogging in such tight areas.

    But at least they’re exercising. Not all firefighters keep up with their physical fitness. I know because I worked with firefighters as a regular client group for several yrs. in one of my jobs.

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