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Expensive Melons

These expensive musk melons cost over $400. Expensive gifts of fruit like these are usually given...

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Dango is a Japanese snack food made from rice flour and served on sticks. Editor’s note:...

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No More Mikan Roulette

After years in Japan, I decided it’s time to stop playing mikan (aka satsuma orange) roulette and figure out how to get a sweet,  tasty orange. According to this homepage (link is in Japanese only), there’s more to a...

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Chocolate Natto

Mito’s meibutsu (famous local product) is natto, a goo made from rotten soy beans. It is, as they say, an acquired taste. I once ate it every day for three weeks, testing out my theory that a person can get used to any...

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What is a “Jesus Body?”

There are already a lot of blogs and websites devoted to Engrish, and I think there are enough of them already, so I don’t want to make this kind of post a regular thing, but I’m more than a little curious about what...

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