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Sekigahara War World

Photos courtesy of FunkyBuddha Experience Sekigahara was probably the most important battle in the history of Japan. It was fought in Gifu Prefecture in a tiny village called Sekigahara, which is viewed today as the dividing...

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Mito Tower and Botanical Garden

Most visitors to Mito in Ibaraki Prefecture head to the famous garden Kairakuen and the Kodokan, an old school for samurai, but once you’ve seen them, there are a couple of other places worth checking out as well. One is...

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Mito Kodokan

This Golden Week, I went to Mito, an interesting city that deserves to get a lot more visitors than it does. I’ve already written about Kairakuen garden, the city’s most well-known attraction, but there are also some...

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Hamamatsu Kite Festival

Ready to launch a giant kite at the Hamamatsu Kite Festival. The festival features giant kites flown by teams of people from the local area, and they try to cut the strings of rival group’s kites. It’s held on May 5 (Children’s...

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If you were opening up a shop in North America, you would probably check to make sure that there wasn’t too much competition nearby. It always seemed like common sense to me when I was living in Canada, but since...

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