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One area in which Japan is light years ahead of North America is in its facilities for kids. Every time I walk past a park here, I wish I was eight years old again so I could go and play on the fantastic climbers and swings. Showa Kinen Koen in Tachikawa City near Tokyo has an incredible children’s playground filled with dragon statues and a giant rubber mountain that kids can jump on.


This is completely non-Japan-related, but if you like quirky blogs, I suggest you check out Chickenmonkeydog. I happened to click on it when one of the bloggers left a comment, and have become a regular reader. It’s just funny things that the bloggers notice about everyday life, (like how come frequent fliers have to pay more for their plane tickets than people who don’t fly much), but it’s quite entertaining. The URL is http://www.chickenmonkeydog.comweb analytics