A month or so ago, I received some Matsuzaka beef as a present, and was surprised to get this certificate of authenticity with our meat. Not only did the certificate have information about the cow (whose name was Takako, by the way), but it also had information on her ancestors, going back to her great-grandfather.

1. Cow registration
2. Inspector’s name: Fukumi Okano
3. Takako’s nose print
4. Takako; birthday: Aug. 2, 2005
5. Father: Shigefuku
6. Mother: Takateru: 79.5 kg
7. Grandfather: Anpei
Grandmother: Fukumi;
8. Grandfather: Takazakura
Grandmother: Teruko
9. Great-grandfather: Yasujuku
Great-grandmother: Fukushige
Great-grandfather: Takami
Great-grandmother: Itohiro II