This horseback archery event took place in Takadanobaba on Sports Day, October 9. In yabusame demonstrations, the participants gallop a horse at full speed down a track, and try to hit three small targets that are only a hundred meters or so apart.
Here’s a video: http://eos.kokugakuin.ac.jp/modules/xwords/entry.php?entryID=1030

Another good yabusame demonstration is held at the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo on Culture Day, November 3. It’s put on by the Takeda-ryu. According to their homepage, it’s possible to watch one of their practices on Sunday mornings, and they’re also recruiting new members: http://www.yabusame.or.jp/html/nyumon_J.html (Japanese only). Address: Kanagawa-ken, Miuri-shi, Hatsusemachi-koen 1140, Miura Kokusai Joba Kurabu, TEL 0467-22-1929

They have an English page at: http://www.yabusame.or.jp/english/