I was browsing in a bookstore last week and came across this book called Henna Madori (Strange Floor Plans). All of them are from real apartments.

This is a six-room apartment, but the rooms are only three tatami mats each (one tatami mat is just under two meters x one meter), and you have to go through the toilet to get to the bathroom.

It wouldn’t be impossible to live in this room, would it? You can’t get into the bedroom because there’s no door from the entrance area, but at least there’s a toilet!

There has to be a reason for putting the bathroom and toilet in the very center of the apartment, right? There has to be.

The arrow at the top indicates the toilet. If you want to get into the kitchen, you have to go through the toilet.

You’d have to be pretty skinny to get out of that toilet!

This one has three toilets and two bathtubs.

This is a nice, spacious 3LDK (three bedroom apartment with living room, dining room, and kitchen). The only problem is that to get into the room in the middle with the arrow pointing to it, you have to go out on the balcony.

Henna Madori only costs 500 yen and is quite entertaining if you can understand some Japanese. I read through it in an hour or two, but find that it stays with me, as I continuously wonder about what the advantage of having a bathroom and toilet in the middle of your room are, or what kind of family needs three toilets and two baths.