This is from a 2-channel discussion I chanced upon. The thread’s title was “English words you hate.”

1. Encyclopedia

I don’t have a reason, but it just sucks.

2. I agree

4. Virus
It’s not an English word, though.

5. Experience
I can’t pronounce it.

7. Yield
It sucks.

9. adjourn awkward

10 I don’t like “christmas”

12. gender
“Sex” is good enough!

13. Korea, Korean

14. vocabularly. I always write “vocabullary”  or “vocaburary” by mistake. It bugs me because its not an adverb, but it ends in “ly”.

16. Bomber.
It should be “bommer”

17. ostrich

19. unnecessarily
No matter how many times I study it, I always spell it wrong.

20. leave
It tends to come up a lot in listening tests.

21 . It’s not a word, but “Why not?” meaning “Let’s do it.”

22. jewel

30. sino

31. statistics

33. NOVA

39. appreciate

34. due
It’s hard to grasp the meaning instinctively.

42. as
But if you get used to it, it’s useful

43. world, girl, earn

46. embarrass

47. entrepreneur
It doesn’t sound at all like antorepurena-

50. respect

54. I don’t like “due.” Somehow I don’t want to use it.

55. giant, tiger, dragon

56 . All English words suck.
I hate English!!!!!

59. wood
I was shocked when someone didn’t understand when I tried to say such an easy word

64. Death to “as”

72. laboratory
I don’t like where the stress is placed when it’s pronounced

73 vacuum
The two U’s in a row is creepy.

78. Involve is by far the word we should get rid of

81. parallel

82. nip

87 : juvenile
It sucks. When I saw it in a vocabulary book, I thought “You’ll never remember that!” but unfortunately, I did.

89 chignon

90. I hate words that are hard to pronounce.
In the past, when I practiced saying “fifth floor” I started to get a neurosis about it. Now “not at all” is no trouble for me, but at first it was quite difficult.

92 Penis

94 :名無しさん@英語勉強中[]:2008/11/13(木) 02:07:11

95. floccinaucinihilipilification

96. environment

98. This isn’t a word, but I don’t like violent expressions like “jump down someone’s throat.

99. simultaneously

100. committee
Couldn’t they shave a letter off somewhere?

101. I don’t like “reckon”
Come on, just use “think” or “guess.”

107. extravaganza

109. Korean

114. conference、confference、confferrence、conferrence
Could someone let me know which one is correct immediately?

115. coffee

118. get

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in Oct 2010 and has been updated.