It’s finished! After three years of hard work, I’ve finally finished my love hotel book. It’s filled with information about the kinkiest, wildest love hotels in Japan. There’s behind the scenes looks, detailed descriptions of the best hotels all over Japan, history, interviews with owners and staff, area guides, and much, much more. It should be available in a couple of months.

This photo is of an S&M room in at the Kamen Kanibaru (formerly Gang Snowmans) love hotel in Osaka. The theme of this truly strange hotel is Yakuza Snowmen, and every room has obviously been created with a great amount of TLC. There are interesting little touches everywhere, like the little igloos in the lobby where couples can sit and wait for a room to become available, a cool snowman shaped TV, and free ice cream bars in the lobby. The artwork is truly amazing, especially the black light pictures of Snowmen in flying convertibles, flying through space or getting ready for a gangland hit with icy machine guns in their hands. Kamen Kanibaru specializes in S&M rooms, with a wide variety of things to hold on or be tied to.

From exit #3 of Tanimachi 9-chome Station on the Tanimachi subway line, turn right and walk south, down Tanimachi-suji. Walk six blocks and turn right. Then take an immediate left, and you’ll see Gang Snowmans on the right side.
Avrg. Sat. rest: 4,520 | Avrg. Sat stay: 8,400
Address: Tennoji-ku, Ikutamadera-machi 4-4, Tel. (06) 6772-1415

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