This is the first food blog that I’ve ever spent more than five seconds reading. I guess I got taken to McDonald’s one too many times when I was a kid, leaving me sadly incapable of enjoying a 10,000 yen kaiseki dinner any more than a bowl of ramen. Despite my lack of interest in food, though, I find it quite entertaining.

I started reading Kyoto Foodie a couple of weeks ago, though, after finding it while searching for information for a book on Japanese manners that I’m translating at work.  I came on this interesting post about namagashi, beautifully decorated rice cake and sweet bean paste sweets that are often served during the tea ceremony, and have been finding it surprisingly interesting.

Anyway, the blog is full of interesting food stories and great photos of Japanese food, and also has lots of good suggestions for restaurants and foods that you won’t find in your guidebook. Check it out at: