Everyone seems to be talking about Vero, the new social media app aka “new instagram”, these days.
So I went ahead, installed it and told a close friend about it.

The first time I opened it I already noted that the logo could be misunderstood if one doesn’t know that the triangle stands for “V”.
Then my friend sent me a friend request which made me laugh out loud!

Here is a picture of it:

Vero Friend Invite Fail


It might not be obvious to non-Japanese speakers, so let me tell you that “Ero” by itself basically means “pervert” in Japanese.
On first sight, this looks like “Issho ni ERO”, which on sounds like “Be perverts together”.

By the way, as you probably guessed, the word “ero” is a shortened form for “erotic”, and that is also what it means in combination with other words such as ero-hon (book with adult content), ero-kawaii (sexy-cute) or ero-guro (erotic-grotesque; an artistic movement).
By itself however, an “Ero” is someone who has seemingly only one thing in his mind. 😀

I wonder how long it will take Vero to do something about it.

And it might not be the only problem the new social media kid on the block could face in Japan with this logo.

The Japanese social recruiting app Wantedly Visit has a strikingly similar logo, although I’m not sure who was first. It could well be that Wantedly came up with (aka copied) it later.

Pretty similar, don’t you think?

Vero vs Wantedly Visit


Yet another similarity I find interesting is the one to the blockchain platform Xtrabytes:

xtrabytes logo vs Vero logo


Vero Logo Green